Jun 6, 2001

Another Apology

I began my notorious career in trolling because I thought it would be fun to get reactions out of the regular Slashdot readers. In attempting to do so I've posted trick links to corpses, written paranoid, homoerotic articles on members of the software community, and in general made a pest out of myself by violating others' good taste and personal values.

Probably the most immediately disturbing of my habits, as I noted above, is posting articles that detail a false gay homosexual past for members of the software community. I've attacked ESR, Rob Malda, Alan Cox, RMS, and others. Usually in these stories that I create, the main character is a desperate homosexual who commits acts of sodomy left and right, without remorse for his actions. I make people who truly care seem like vice-ridden, unconscionable monsters!

I mean, what must ESR's reaction be when he reads a story portraying him as a gay, petroleum-and-cock-obsessed drunkard? How many times did it take RMS reading my teasings until he angered? Or cried!? How many times will Rob Malda read the word fag next to his name before he starts believing it? I may have totally destroyed peoples' self esteem—people who work hard for the rest of us, people who are innocent of what I have accused them of, people who care!

This stuff just is not funny; in fact, my own son stumbled across my comments one day and has been leery of me ever since and won't call or visit. I'll never forgive myself for the chasm between us.

I now realize how disgusting and even damaging unintentionally looking at a gutted human corpse or reading graphic descriptions about anal sex with men can be.

It is my sincere hope that CmdrTaco, the other Slashdot staff, and you, the reader, can find it in your conscience to forgive me for the awful things I have done to the Slashdot community.

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