Jan 31, 2004

Dear 2600: I have a serious complaint against you…

Dear 2600:

I have a serious complaint against you. The apartment next to mine has had hacker meetings for some time and things have gotten out of hand lately. I know it's 2600 because they hang a sign on the door.

I know they're hacking my cable modem because my connection dies every time they get together and I'll be offline all night. I get viruses too. They know my phone number and prank me with breathing and hang-ups until I disconnect my phone. These people even write stories about me and post them online. While they're doing all of this they blast their computer music at full volume and put the speakers up against my walls. The last straw was finding human feces in front of my door after their last meeting.

I bought a copy of your magazine to figure out their behavior but I'm still clueless. I thought you were about computers? I’ve lost my patience with this crap (literally) and I'd appreciate a response. I'd hate to have to involve the law.


Jan 7, 2004

Scoop Does Not Scale

For the last year Kuro5hin has been experiencing database corruption, timeouts, downtime, and packet loss of a frequency and volume both detrimental to site usage and inexplicable by any means. Now, after 12 months of unacceptable instability—especially in light of the $35,000 donated to Rusty to run Kuro5hin—I am moved to examine the outages and poor performance that have been plaguing this site. It is my responsibility to the average Kuro5hin user to expose the culprit.