Jun 8, 2000

Tips for Trolling: Trick Links

Post legitimate-looking comments containing links to “further information” that really lead the reader to:

  • a picture of a disgusting, mutilated, rotting human corpse
  • the Goatse.cx picture
  • pictures from a gay fetish site (piss drinking, glory holes, barnyard promiscuity, etc.)

Try to select graphics that are not very large in dimension or file size, as the smaller both of these qualities of the graphic are, the faster the graphic will load. The benefit of this is that the reader will not have time to cancel the graphic's loading until it's too late, and they've seen a totally ravaged anus or the girl who killed herself by ramming a broomstick up her twat.

There are several typical replies readers will make to such comments. A predictable one is the "warning reply," offered by some community-minded AC in hopes of swerving people away from clicking your links. BAH!

Another standard reply is a flame, where the reader replies to your comment calling you sick, twisted, etc. and usually piles in expletives as well. If you did a good enough job, and the pictures you chose were disgusting enough, the reader may call for a banning of your account (idiots) or that others email you in hopes of… feeding the troll?

A third common reply to such posts is the helpful anonymous coward or registered troll. Such replies contain comments such as, “what a really good story that link was, it gave the total other side of the argument,” etc., in hopes of enticing people to click the link in your post. Probably one of the funniest things to see in reply to your comments, actually.

Hopefully you'll find this tip useful, it worked for me. If you choose to use this method of trolling, and you need links to the afore-mentioned pictures, email me and I will send you a complete list of the links that I use.

Thank you.


  1. Nice try, I almost clicked that link at school you bastard.

  2. this vid has good trolling tips

  3. to: anonymous 08 september 2009 22:00:

    I clicked it, its seriously his e-mail ;)

  4. To anon right above me. I think he meant the goatse link. Although that hasn't worked for quite a few years now.