Jun 19, 2000

An Apology

Hi. As you can tell this is Trollaxor.

I created this account because I thought it would be funny to troll Slashdot. It may be funny to troll Slashdot, but not in the manner I have been.

You see, I like to post legitimate-looking comments with links to “stories” that actually send the reader to a picture of a disgusting, rotting human corpse.

Another of my trademarks is posting WWF Monday Night RAW and WCW Monday Night Nitro wrestling results.

Probably the most immediately disturbing of my habits are posting erotic gay texts as comments, usually where one man is sodomized multiple times by another. Often in these comments I search and replace the characters' names with those of the Slashdot staff.

This stuff just is not funny; in fact, my own son stumbled across my comments one day and has been in a catatonic state ever since. I'll never forgive myself for the autistic world he'll live in for the rest of his life.

I now realize how disgusting and even damaging unintentionally looking at a gutted human corpse or reading graphic descriptions about anal carnage can be.

It is my sincere hope that CmdrTaco, the other Slashdot staff, and you, the reader, can find it in your conscience to forgive me for the awful things I have done to the Slashdot community.

Thank you.