May 8, 2010

Another Day, Another Firefox Update

I am often away from my computer for weeks at a time, digging at archaeology sites, before I return to clean, sort, and catalog my finds. And every time I launch my browser of choice, I have to sit through yet another Firefox update.

Sometime's it's a major update, like Firefox 3.6 for instance, but more often than not—too often—it's some stupid little tertiary update that requires Firefox to download, quit, root around on the hard drive, and restart with a whole damn brand-new binary. Why?!

Just once I'd like to sit down, boot up, and get to work instead of wading through this slow, irritating process that the Mozilla developers subject me to.

I've become envious of my friends who run Safari, Apple's home-grown browser, which is updated less frequently. If they want more frequent updates, they download and install WebKit, but can otherwise continue on day after day without interruption in Safari.

I like this model, as it lets busy people like me get more work done, so I am thinking of purchasing a Mac. Really, anything to get me away from the time-wasting wreck of a browser that Firefox has become is a good idea.

The Firefox model crashes and burns its users. Literally, too, when you think about all of its other addling bugs and design flaws that crash the browser and burn countless CPU cycles.

So until I can see the web in a whole new way with Safari on a new Mac, it'll be another day, another Firefox update.

Thanks a lot for nothing, Mozilla.


  1. Its too bad they haven't ported Safari to QNX for you, sir. Until then, could you try Windows?

  2. Firefox. Totally crap.

  3. Browser product having unpatched vulnerabilities through infrequent updates. Microsoft was berated for having them, Apple commended.

    It's just a matter of perceived brand image, obviously.

  4. It's the same thing for OS' u have to suffer through countless updates every month, and with OSX u get maybe one a month. There is nothing worse then not using VMware that has Win7 loaded for a month, then booting that up and trying to do something productive but instead spend an hour downloading/updating the system. What a waste!