Feb 14, 2002

Wanna Cyber?

brynscamaro (23:11:13): you can tear me up
Trollaxor (23:11:33): great
brynscamaro (23:11:46): want to cyber
Trollaxor (23:11:54): r u gay?
brynscamaro (23:11:59): bi
Trollaxor (23:12:10): are you flaming?
brynscamaro (23:12:22): I'm a bottom
brynscamaro (23:12:31): luv to be fucked
Trollaxor (23:12:32): ooh good
brynscamaro (23:12:56): I'll swallow all of it
brynscamaro (23:13:07): how would you fuck me
Trollaxor (23:13:19): without lube and until you cried and bled.
brynscamaro (23:13:30): really
Trollaxor (23:13:49): u dont think i could make u bleed?
brynscamaro (23:14:31): I would put my legs over your shoulders so you could go deeper
Trollaxor (23:14:42): i may kill you that way
brynscamaro (23:14:57): I want it
brynscamaro (23:15:04): fuck me
brynscamaro (23:15:32): I'm useing a dildo right now
Trollaxor (23:15:38): uh ok... "ohh oooh i am so hard... your hole is so tight, you little twink"
brynscamaro (23:16:12): harder baby
Trollaxor (23:16:43): i just ruptured your colon
Trollaxor (23:16:44): booooooommmmm
brynscamaro (23:16:47): tear my ass up
brynscamaro (23:17:04): cum on...be serious
brynscamaro (23:17:11): u gay?
Trollaxor (23:17:21): you're bleeding profusely
Trollaxor (23:19:01): i think you are passing out so i slap you and fuck you harder
Trollaxor (23:19:13): "wake up bitch"
brynscamaro (23:19:21): I can swallow 12 inches
Trollaxor (23:19:24): "you useless fuckhole"
Trollaxor (23:19:57): ok i take my shit-encrusted dick out of your ass and hold it in front of you. "swallow, bitch"
brynscamaro (23:20:21): I'll suck you good
brynscamaro (23:20:38): I promise
Trollaxor (23:21:09): ok lick the shit off of my dick first
brynscamaro (23:21:19): my ass is clean
brynscamaro (23:21:31): sucking on your head
Trollaxor (23:21:33): not after i got through with it
Trollaxor (23:21:47): there'sd blood and turd all over my hard throbbing cock
brynscamaro (23:22:12): thats nasty dude
Trollaxor (23:22:32): you asked for it
Trollaxor (23:22:33): now SUCK IT BITCH
Trollaxor (23:22:39): you twink, i want you to make me cum
Trollaxor (23:22:44): all 10"
Trollaxor (23:22:49): cumming all over your face
brynscamaro (23:22:55): sucking baby
brynscamaro (23:23:19): you taste so good
Trollaxor (23:23:34): does that blood and feces taste good too?
Trollaxor (23:23:43): TELL ME IT TASTES GOOD TWINK
brynscamaro (23:23:52): yes
Trollaxor (23:24:02): ok i slap you a few times. SUCK HARDER
brynscamaro (23:24:20): mmmmmm
Trollaxor (23:24:35): i want you to masturbate yourself as you do this
brynscamaro (23:24:45): i am
brynscamaro (23:24:47): u
Trollaxor (23:24:57): finger your asshole
brynscamaro (23:25:03): mmm
brynscamaro (23:25:09): wish it was u
brynscamaro (23:25:35): will you kiss me
Trollaxor (23:25:38): ok i take my dick out of your mouth
brynscamaro (23:25:41): suck on my toung
Trollaxor (23:25:43): i kiss you
Trollaxor (23:25:48): now lay down on the bed flat
brynscamaro (23:26:00): yes
Trollaxor (23:26:01): you know what's coming next?
brynscamaro (23:26:13): time to ride
Trollaxor (23:26:25): no lay on your back, boi
brynscamaro (23:26:30): ok
brynscamaro (23:26:58): lieing
brynscamaro (23:27:05): ready
Trollaxor (23:27:23): now i squat over your head, my asshole poised above your lips... i let out a thunderous fart and hear you sucking in the scent through your nose. then i let loose with a wet ripping noise… a 18" turd slides out, 4" wide, and firm, and you begin wolfing it down as fast as you can.
brynscamaro (23:27:25): fuck me
brynscamaro (23:28:55): thats fucking nasty... I would kill you if you did that you dickless bitch!

"brynscamaro" signed off at 23:29:31.

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