Dec 21, 2001

Who do GNU-Darwin Think They Are?

That GNU-Darwin people decides not to link to proprietary libraries is, of course, a result of them using the GNU Public License so extensively—and now because of that decision the primary Darwin development platform is no longer supported in this project!

This makes me shake my head and wonder what the fuck? This project is not only shooting itself in the foot by choosing a platform not fully supported by the OS, but is also screwing over the real meat of Darwin's userbase: PowerPC owners. This move is akin to opening a car garage in America whose mechanics are all experienced in servicing American cars, and then changing policy months later, stating that the garage will only work on foreign models.

Where is the fucking logic?

Seriously, am I the only one who is wondering who the Hell is in charge at that project? Kool-Aid Man? This move makes so little sense I can't tell if the people at GNU-Darwin are really that stupid, or if I am waking up in alternate realities every damn morning. I almost kind of hope for the latter.

This is the GPL in action, Mac faithful. Get down on your knees and kiss Apple's butt for choosing creating the Apple Public Source License.

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