Dec 17, 2001

Is Mac OS X What I'm Looking For?

Dear Trollaxor:

I've been thinking of switching lately. I've used Windows my whole life, but recently began experimenting with Linux due to political ideologies. I like a lot of things from both operating systems, and now I want one package to offer me both a nice GUI and a command line UNIX. Is Mac OS X what I'm looking for?

Potential Switcher in Dayton

Dear Gentle Sir:

The first thing you have to look at is what you use your current operating systems for. Do you browse the web and check email? Listen to MP3s? Or are there some specific packages you use for a hobby or job? Are you into video editing? Your habits on your computers dictate how well you can switch. If you're pretty much just editing papers, browsing the web and exchanging email while listening to your favorite songs, you'll appreciate the tightly-integrated Mac experience over Windows and Linux.

If you're into Open Source programming, however, that's a different story.

Quite frankly, we don't want you on the Mac platform. You Linux zealots are all the same, and give a bad name to whatever cause you're championing this week. We Mac users don't give a shit whether something is free as in beer or free as in speech; is it free to download? That's what we want. Your subtle political differences mean nothing to this community.

We also like aesthetically pleasing things. The iBook, iMac, and all of Apple's other products are not only the best, but the best looking. Your pile of shit interfaces and GUIs won't cut it here, asswipe. KDE and GNOME got together on interface standards? Hi. I'm a Mac user. My OS has had interface standards for years. Oh, wait, look at that—it even set most of the standards to begin with. Nice to see your fat pile of bloated code catching up 20 years later.

For a sample of how your festering pile of programming shit will go over in the Mac world, take a look at the GNU-Darwin project: turned away from Mac users and programmers because of some radical, childish political ideal. Ignored. Denied. Held equivalent to fecal matter. Not wanted. Do you really think anyone with enough money or sense to buy and use a Mac will pay any serious attention to your Open Source/Free Software communism? You're living in a dream world, pal.

Take a shower and get a clue. We don't have time for your communistic hippie bullshit. Slag right off.


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  1. Dear Sir,

    Fuck You.

    Owner of a MacPro, two MacBook Pros, and an iMac.