Aug 12, 1998

QuickTime Rumors Heating Up

Several Mac OS and Windows 98/NT developers have been seeded with QuickTime 4.0a1c24, and have reported excellent stability, as well as some startling news and shocking refinements!

This tidbit comes to us from a reliable Apple Developer source, who states that a major change he noticed in QuickTime 4.0a1 was support for SmallTalk and Perl:

As I was installing QuickTime beta 6 today, I noticed several new modules in addition to those installed in the previous betas: the QuickTime for SmallTalk 1.0a2, QuickTime for Perl 1.0a4, and QuickTime for Visual Basic 1.0.2a1 modules!

This is an excellent boon for the scripting community! Imagine, being able to play entire streaming movies through a CGI with Perl and QuickTime 4! I can already see the porn-vendors on the web taking advantage of this!

As a matter of fact, we have a source who uses QuickTime 4's streaming capabilities with the heretofore rumored IBM QuickTime servers:

Here at [redacted], we not only participate in the Apple developer's program but IBM's as well! Because of this, I can confirm that reports of IBM hosting streaming QuickTime servers are true. In fact, [redacted] is utilizing one right now. Check it out: AIX 4.3.1 on a quad-500 MHz POWER3 motherboard, 2 GB RAM and 500 GB of Ultra-SCSI 2 hard drives! And let me tell you, our porn flies faster off this server than [redacted]! Thank goodness for QuickTime 4! It's a porn-monger's dream-c[ome]-true!

It seems like QuickTime 4 will be making a bigger splash than perviously expected!

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