Jul 17, 1998

Mac OS 8.5 & Hotline?

Sources close to Cupertino, California had this to say about Internet bundling in Mac OS 8.5, due this Fall and currently in alpha:

Well, it appears that Hotline has made a big coup in the race to be king of the Internet hill! Apparently, several reps from Hotline sauntered into Jobs's office and made a very out-and-out presentation on Hotline and its benefits. They threatened to begin encouraging the pirating of pre-release and retail versions of the Mac OS that Hotline servers are so famous for. Apparently, Jobs took the bait and we now have a new default Internet application installed under Mac OS 8.5. Take that, Microsoft and Netscape!"

Update: Since the publishing of this story, numerous contacts from One Infinite Loop in Cupertino have written in to tell us that it looks like the default tracker the Hotline Client will use in Mac OS 8.5 will most likely be ml.sextracked.org.

Stay tuned!

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