Jan 5, 2014

Propose for LINUX kernel and PERL

To Dear PERL and LINUX kernel development community:

My propose to you at your list: is possible to write operate system in PERL? I am student in university, looked for interest project to conclude my study on LINUX kernel.

This semester, I take beginner PERL course and learn power of procedural language. I automate many daily task with use of it. Very impressive ability to make many thing work, interpret or can compile also.

Also about LINUX, I talk to much fellow students and professors, and take a operate system course use FreeBSD and LINUX. FreeBSD okay, but they say LINUX kernel is too big and bloat, run poor with too many developer. And too much quick decision from leader with ego is too big and bloat too, kekeke.

LINUX kernel can perform more good if written in not C and C++ but Perl? Just certain portion of LINUX kernel to rewrite? For instant, schedule or support of multithread? If so, should use Perl5 or Perl6, focus to x86 or x86-64? Can you want to join me this my project? But to hear your expertise.

Am excited to learn and begin study project. Can you want to join this my project? Please direct reply of email to myself.

Much thank to you,


  1. Fucking retard!

  2. look man, perl is 90s technology. That's last century. It's not web scale. If you're going to write an operating system, you need to use node.js. It's faster than C because it doesn't block. Perl and C block, that makes them slow.

    Do you know how much time is wasted by context switches? Me neither, but I bet it's a lot! Node.js is single threaded so you don't have to waste your time scheduling threads and doing pre-emptive multitasking. NodeOS is the future so grab your ankles and get ready!

  3. Lol node.js is the last thing that should be used. Performance wise Node is not even on the same planet as a proper compiled programming language. I would use golang to create the userland and C for the kernel.