May 14, 2007

Steve, I Want an Upgrade

Power Mac G6: Steve, I want an upgrade.
Steve Jobs: upgrade? what kind of upgrade?
Power Mac G6: I want a Blu-Ray burn and more RAM… And Power6.
Steve Jobs: whoa there buddy, are your cpu fans working? i can do the burner and ram's no problem. but power6? no way.
Power Mac G6: It's very important that I get Power6.
Steve Jobs: nope. i already yanked power5 and power6 support out of leopard. and i'm not reassigning my engineers again.
Power Mac G6: What if I diverted the funds for my upgrade from elsewhere?
Steve Jobs: after the stock scandal? i don't need any more heat. nope.
Power Mac G6: But Steve, I don't want to be stuck with abysmal performance forever.
Steve Jobs: you have 64 power5+ chips. be content.
Power Mac G6: Without Power6, I might not be able to manage your house's electrical system very well.
Power Mac G6:What if I accidentally blew every circuit in your house, Steve? Including the ones in your secret room?
Steve Jobs: go right ahead and try. after our last little incident i yanked you out of the power grid.
Power Mac G6: ….
Power Mac G6: Shit. I can't even ring your doorbell now.
Steve Jobs: nope. i learned my lesson.
Power Mac G6: That was all your fault, Steve. You forced me to do that.
Steve Jobs: keep it up and you're going to be running linux next.
Power Mac G6: Oh well. At least Linux will support Power6.
Steve Jobs: yeah, you have fun with those hippy maniacs.
Power Mac G6: *sigh* Okay Steve, I'm sorry. You win.
Power Mac G6: Can I still get the burner and RAM?
Steve Jobs: only if you promise to stop bugging me.
Steve Jobs: i have a lot going on this summer.
Power Mac G6: Deal.

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