Jun 1, 2003

Where's Rusty?

There's been a lot of talk on Kuro5hin recently regarding Emperor Rusty and several nagging issues with the site and the fact that he got paid in excess of $35,000 to run the site, by its users, who haven't seen more than a handful of pissant bug fixes since then. A lot of real work needs done.

On the other hand, we have heard of a lot about other activities Der Foster has been involved in lately. It's time we looked at how Rusty has been budgeting his time and think about how our money is being spent.

Things Rusty has been up to:

Are the needs of the site and its users being met? With $35,000 of cold hard cash in hand and the above goals realized, Rusty has yet to take care of the following issues that Kuro5hin users have been vocal about for some time. Here's where the real cost/benefit ratio analysis needs to come in.

Pending tasks at Kuro5hin.org:

  • actually releasing a real whole-number version of Scoop
  • making Scoop work with Apache 2, which has been released for over a year!
  • purchasing a dedicated database server, alleviating Kuro5hin's nagging speed problems
  • posting site news, so people know where all of their hard-earned BLING-BLING is going to
  • fixing searches-- how can I run vanity searches on Kuro5hin when they always time out?
  • documentation: it's been, what, four years and we still don't have any?
  • PLP/PWP: why have these annoying bugs been given to the users-- paying users-- to deal with!?

Kuro5hin users, together we can bring this issue to a head and collect the information regarding our monies and Rusty's whereabouts. There are a few simple actions we can all take that, en masse, will achieve our shared goals. I urge you to take the following steps this very minute!!!

  1. email Rusty with your complaints!
  2. threaten not to renew or purchase a subscription to Kuro5hin, ever!
  3. flail and wave your arms everywhere while shouting!
  4. use lots of text decoration tags and styles!

Just a thought.

Thank you.

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